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When’s the last time you Transmogged? Ore-mined? How about confronted Gorechop in the Theater of Pain? With the launch of the World of Warcraft’s newest installment, “Shadowlands”, Blizzard Games looked to attract new players and win back lapsed ones.


I developed top-level campaign concepts that could translate to TV spots, social and digital activations, and beyond. The result? Shadowlands, and the World of Warcraft brand at large, became newly relevant to a wider audience beyond dyed-in-the-wool WoW fans (incidentally, wool-dying is a very respectable profession in the game.


Select pages from three of my concepts that went into Royale's winning pitch.

Concept 1 - "Master Class"

Inspired by the idea that characters in WoW are multi-dimensional with the ability to master professions from mining to blacksmithing, I imagined celebrity fans and influencers hosting "Masterclass" style segments teaching game skills in a real-life setting. This concept features Nick Offerman who's well-known as woodwork hobbyist.

Offerman Sword full
WoW Masterclass Storyboards
WoW Woodshed Board 2:4
WoW Woodshed Board 3:4
WoW Woodshed Board 4:4

Concept 2 - "Board of Tourism"

I pitched a tourism campaign that turned Shadowlands into a real-life travel destination.  Fans would get to explore the world of the game through travel magazine style photo galleries, digital passports, sharable postcards from key in-game locations, a tourism microsite, and more.

Tourism hero sign
WoW Tourism 2
Wow Tourism 3
Postcards Full
Tourism Microsite Full
Passport Full
Photo Contest Full
Calm App Full

Concept 3 - "Shadowmojis"

Players identify strongly with their WoW avatars. That was my inspiration for this concept featuring AR masks and lenses, giving fans the ability to bring their WoW identity to the real-world and share it with  friends.

AR Experience Full
Hangout Full